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Jersey HR Handbook 2021

First Actuary is an actuarial consulting organisation proudly established in Jersey.  First Actuary specialises in providing consulting support to local organisations using the specialist skills and attributes of qualified actuaries.  



It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

Sir Edmund Hillary .

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The 2021 edition of the Jersey HR Handbook is now available and hard copies have been distributed to our mailing list.


To request your FREE copy and/or be added to the mailing list, or to update your contact details, please contact us.


The 2021 HR Handbook is also available online by clicking on the Handbook image above.

CI International Pensions Conference

With delegate and speaker travel still not assured for May 2021 the Channel Islands International Pensions Conference planned for May 2021 is currently scheduled to take place on Friday 19th November 2021 at the Old Government House Hotel in Guernsey.


Details can be found on the conference website.


In the meantime we are hoping to provide some interim webinars in place of the normal May conference, if you would like to present then please get in touch through the conference website.





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First Actuary is a member of the Jersey Pensions Association

Statement on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and First Actuary services

Like most local businesses First Actuary is affected by the measures put in place by the Government of Jersey to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus including social distancing requirements.  We are now working from home much of the time.  Reception remains open for delivieries and you can still contact us through the main reception.  Alternative direct contact numbers are:


          David Holmes     07829 710920

          Michael Norem   07829 810921


Whilst the range of services carried out by First Actuary are important to us and our clients we recognise that in most cases they are, with very few exceptions, not critical at the current time.  For this reason we will be placing the health of staff, clients and the Jersey community above all else, this may mean some delays to work completed as a result.


What is an actuary?

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